After School Art Clubs
For 5-11yr Olds

Monday - Thursday 3.30-5pm

These sessions are designed to let children explore a range of different materials and techniques in an informal way and discover for themselves how to be creative and learn new skills. We find out what children enjoy doing and build on this, developing their skills and techniques.

We are registered as an Arts Award venue so children can take the Discover Arts Award as part of the after school art clubs.

Art With Music And Creative Play
For 2-3yr Olds

Monday 9.30-11am

Thursday 9.30-11am

Friday 10.00-11.30am

These are a fun, informal way for children to explore different art techniques and build up a variety of skills as well as making new friends. The general feeling is one of allowing children to find their own level and be creative together with their parents/carers. Younger siblings are welcome.

Art Parties

You can have an art party designed to your theme. For the younger ones we do art and music parties. Starting with songs, we go on to do art projects based on a theme of your choice. This is followed by games and tea which you can bring with you. For older children we start with various art projects on a theme of your choice. Then the children can explore the room and try out different materials. We play some games and finish with tea. The format is very flexible so we can arrange a party to suit you.

Holiday Workshops

During the holidays there is an extensive programme of art workshops for children of all ages, including art with music for 2-3yrs and courses such as digital animation, 3D model making and sculpture for children aged 6/7yrs and older.

Music time
Small child painting